Sureni Weerasekera is a Sri Lankan-born, San Diego-raised, & San Francisco-based stand up comedian, actor and writer. Sureni Weerasekera combines her puppy-like heart with the void where her soul should be, to write captivating material. Starting at just seventeen, she has garnered considerable respect in San Diego and the Bay Area for her lighthearted, conversational banter to her ruthless, dark jabs that shed light on cultural dilemmas in a palatable, enticing way. In 2018, The Daily Californian described her “humorous quips” as featuring “an ease with performing typically uncommon for someone still fairly fresh to the game.”

She has featured at 2019 SF Sketchfest, Desi Comedy Festival, San Francisco’s Punchline Comedy Club & Cobb’s Comedy Club.

Sureni hosts and co-produces two of Berkeley’s top shows “Pizza Party” and “Subhumans.” She is also a contributing writer for San Francisco’s live sketch troupe “Killing My Lobster” and a writer/actor for video sketch group “Life of Trying.”


The Daily Californian | (March 21, 2018)